FASEB meeting

Thu Jan 16 09:12:00 EST 1992

Meeting announcement of interest to
Arabidopsis enthusiasts

The program of this meeting is designed to bring together
molecular genetic work on plant biology,  especially on maize
and Arabidopsis.    The focus is on  development
(flowers, roots and embryos) and
signal transduction (hormone action, genetically
analyzed transcription factors, and disease resistance genes).
Transposons,  chromosome structure,  and
enigmatic genetics are also on the agenda.

Copper Mountain is a delightful location for such a meeting.
Attendance is limited to 150,  so apply early if interested.

FASEB Conference 9-14 August 1992 at
Copper Mountain, Colorado.
(Organisers: J. Jones (Norwich), R. Horsch (St. Louis))

Keynote Speaker:  M. Freeling (Berkeley, USA)
"Taking plant development apart ... with genetics"

Genetic Analysis of Development (I).
E. Coen*, E. Meyerowitz, J. Schiefelbein, S. Dellaporta, C. Dean.

Genetic Analysis of Development (II).
C. Gasser*, M. Yanofsky, R. Pruitt, P. Benfey,
R.A. Torres Ruiz, S. Poethig.

Genetic Analysis of Signal Transduction (I): Hormone Action.
J. Ecker*, T. Bleecker, M. Estelle, A. Binns, H. Klee.

Workshop: Genetic Techniques and Hot Poster Topics. J. Odell*.

Genetic Analysis of Signal Transduction (II):
Transcriptional Activation. V. Chandler*, T. Peterson,
D. McCarty, C. Martin, S. Hake.

Biochemical Genetics and Disease.
L. Willmitzer*, W-D. Reiter, S. Briggs, D. Shah.

Workshop: Arabidopsis as a Model System for
Plant Pathogen Interactions. F. Ausubel*, B. Staskawicz,
J. Dangl, M. Daniels, S. Somerville, A. Slusarenko,
E. Holub, E. Ward.

Genetic Analysis of Signal Transduction (III):
Plant Disease Resistance. J. Jones*, R. Fluhr,
P. Ronald,  T. Pryor, J. Ellis.

Transposable Elements. H. Dooner*, R. Martienssen,
R. Kunze, A. Gierl, P. Chomet.

Genome Structure and Analysis. S. Tingey*, R. Michelmore,
P. Heslop-Harrison, H. Goodman, E. Richards.

Enigmatic Genetics: Transgene Genetics, Cosuppression,
Paramutation. R. Jorgensen*, P. Meyer, S. Wessler,
J. Kermicle, D. Schwartz.

To receive complete conference schedules and application form,
mail or FAX enquiries to FASEB Summer Research Conferences,
9650 Rockville Pike, Bethesda, Maryland 20814-3998
FAX 301.530.7014, Phone 301.530.7093 as soon as possible
and by June 30th 1992 at the latest.

thanks very much,
Jonathan Jones

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