ARABID.SRC (Arabidopsis mailing list available as a WAIS source)

Rob Harper harper at
Thu Jan 9 12:38:21 EST 1992

I have made up a WAIS source from the mailing list posted to this
newsgroup by Dave Kristtofferson. I edited the file a little bit
and modified it for WAISINDEXING. If you want the modified file
you can get it via anonymous ftp from in the directory

Here is a copy of the source file which you can add to your Wais-sources

***************** arabid.src *****************
:version  3
:ip-name ""
:tcp-port 210
:database-name "embnet/arabid"
   :cost 0 
   :cost-unit :free 
   :maintainer "harper at"
:description "Server created with WAIS release 8 b3.1 on 
    Jan  9 14:16:56 1992 by harper at

This is a EMBnet source. It is a database of research workers who
are invloved in Arabidopsis research. The original file was obtained
from Dave Kristofferson at GenBank and edited to be in bio format.
The files of type bio used in the index were:


I have sent the source to so it should also be available
via swais pretty soon.


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