Thu Jan 9 11:04:19 EST 1992

REGARDING                Carbenicillin 
If the reliability of supply and price of carb. is of concern, plant molecular
biologists should consider forming a 'consortium' of buyers.  This is being
done by the Genetics Society of America for X-Gal and 5-fluoroorotic acid, both
relatively expensive reagents that are widely used by members of the genetics
and molecular biology community.  They get very attractive prices of
quality-controlled materials from a chemical synthesis company because they
make a rather large (massive?) order once or twice a year.   Interested members
are asked to commit themselves to purchase several grams of either compound
every 6-12 months.  There is no obligation to make a purchase regularly.  This
strategy might work for carb. and X-Glu.  I wonder if either the ASPP or ISPMB
would be willing to have their business office facilitate this type of
Rob Last 
Boyce Thompson Institute
Cornell University

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