carbenicillin crisis

csgasser at UCDAVIS.EDU csgasser at UCDAVIS.EDU
Wed Jan 8 21:46:13 EST 1992

We did some tests with the Geocillin carbenicillin tablets.  
We found that the gelatin coating had to be removed first (as 
it forms a sticky mess), and that the solution had to be 
cleared by filtration as the tablets contain some insoluble 
carrier.  Media made with these solutions effectively 
inhibited Agro growth, but we did not test it for plant 
regeneration.  In John Harada's lab they did do tests for 
plant regeneration and report that regeneration was severely 
inhibited or eliminated on media containing carb from the 
tablets.  They theorize that some component of the tablets 
other than carbenicillin is responsible.  I am very sorry to 
hear that Sigma is no longer giving a good price.  It was 
just in October 91 that they sold us 500 g for $3/g!

Chuck Gasser

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