Southern blots

Joel A. Kreps jak8 at PO.CWRU.EDU
Tue Jun 23 11:46:39 EST 1992

Dear Dr. Timmer,
I have found with Arabidopsis that as little as 3 ug/lane of 
digested DNA is enough for a strong signal from a single copy 
gene after a 2 day exposure (using radom-primed 32P-labelled DNA
probes).  The exp time required varies in my hands mostly by the
specific activity of my probe, in other words, if you are labelling
whole plasmid, what % of the plasmid is the gene and what % is 
vector?  You should be getting bands relatively quickly with Arab.,
you may want to check the quality of your probes/labelling react-
ions.  Feel free to call if you have any questions (216-368-3576).


Joel A. Kreps (Chris Town's Lab)

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