nuclear localization signals for mark e.

Fri Jun 19 15:20:10 EST 1992

To mark estelle:  Hi.  The following is a list of references on
nuclear localization signals in plants (which I got from the folks in
my lab who work on this).  We have a paper coming out in the June 26
Science on the nuclear localization signals in the Agrobacterium protein
virE (in plants).  Other references are:
Howard et al. Cell 68:109(92)
                       van der Krol & Chua  Plant Cell 3:667(91)
                       Varagona et al. Plant Cell 3:105(91)
                       Carrington et al. Plant Cell 3:953(91)
                       Restrepo et al. Plant Cell 2:987(90)
                       Lassner et al. Plant Mol. Biol. 17:229 (91)
I hope this helps,
judy roe

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