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Randall L Scholl rscholl at magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu
Mon Jun 15 09:43:55 EST 1992


The YAC libraries developed by Drs. Erwin Grill and Chris
Somerville at Michigan State University are now available for
shipment from the ABRC at Ohio State. The stock numbers, MSU
library designations (MSU-ID) and plate numbers are listed below.

Stock #   MSU-ID    Plate numbers
CD4-1     EG1            plates 1-24
CD4-2     ABI-1          plates 1-22
CD4-3     S              plates 1-20
CD4-4     S              plates 61-80

     When placing orders for these stocks, please contact us
directly to coordinate shipping/receiving of the stocks. Orders
may be placed by fax, e-mail or mail.

     mail:     Arabidopsis Biological Resource Center at Ohio
               1735 Neil Avenue
               Columbus, OH 43210, USA

     fax:      614-292-0603

     e-mail:   seeds at genesys.cps.msu.edu (for seed orders).
               dna at genesys.cps.msu.edu (for DNA orders).

NOTE:  For  ALL e-mail orders, type "STOCK ORDER" in the Subject
line! This will allow our computer system to automatically direct
it toward stock ordering.

The Center's telephone numbers are:

main number:   614-292-9371        (seed ordering information)
Randy Scholl:  614-292-1982        (for general and seed-related
Keith Davis:   614-292-2115        (for DNA-related questions)
e-mail:arabidopsis+ at osu.edu

Information regarding the RFLPs associated with these YACs can be
obtained from the following reference:

Hwang et al.1991. Identification and map position of YAC clones
comprising one-third of the Arabidopsis genome. The Plant Journal.
vol.1:pp 367-374.
NOTE: We expect to be ready to ship the Eric Ward/Ciba Geigy
library by late July.

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