Arabiflora 93

Roger P Hangarter rhangart at
Thu Jun 11 14:27:10 EST 1992

This year Columbus Ohio is hosting Ameriflora 92, the first international
flower show to be held in the United States (and said to be the world largest).
The show opened in April and will run until October.

In 1993 we plan to follow this historic event with Arabiflora 93, the 5th
international Arabidopsis conference.  Arabiflora will be held at Ohio State
Universiy.  The plans are still tentative, but we expect the conference will be
shorter than Ameriflora.  The tentative dates are Aug. 19 to 22.  We expect to
follow the format of the Indiana meeting.  The organizing committee will be
Keith Davis, Ken Feldmann, Randy Scholl, and me.

We expect to mail pre-registration information in late summer after we have
formalized the arrangements with Ohio State University.  This posting is just
to let you know that something is in the works.  Feel free to contact me if you
have questions or suggestions.

Roger P. Hangarter     (hangarter.1 at
Department of Plant Biology
Ohio State University
1735 Neil Avenue
Columbus, OH  43206

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