Arabidopsis progress

Chris.Somerville 21847CRS at MSU.EDU
Wed Jun 10 21:47:00 EST 1992

 One of the tasks of the Multinational Arabidopsis Steering Committee in
recent years has been to compile an annual report on how the work on
Arabidopsis is progressing. These reports have been published each year by NSF
and serve a variety of useful purposes in many countries.  In particular, I
believe they have been useful in helping to explain to science administrators
why it is useful to have a large number of scientists working collaboratively
on a plant of no economic value.

 I have agreed to try and compile some of the information for this years
report.  Therefore, I would greatly appreciate advice from everyone in the
community about what you consider to represent progress during the past year.
This can be scientific (eg., the cloning of the ga1 locus by deletion cloning)
or infrastructure (eg. the startup of the stock Centers).  I would
particularly like to hear about developments from countries in addition to the
USA. I would also particularly welcome anything that looks like a statistic
(eg. how many Arabidopsis genes have been sequenced during the past year?) or
anything that appears to have applied significance (eg. Arabidopsis was used
to isolate a gene of agricultural utility).  If you have something to
contribute please respond within the next week or so.  Thx Chris

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