Arabidopsis transformation

thomas altmann altmann at
Tue Mar 31 20:44:00 EST 1992

Dear Laura,
the leaf disc transformation method I mentioned was developed for A. thaliana by Renate Schmidt in our lab (schmidt and Willmitzer, Plant Cell Reports 7, 583-586, 1988). This method using cotyledon or leaf explants gives high transformation frequencies wit
h the A. thaliana ecotype C24. The transformation rates of other A. thaliana genotypes like Wassilewskija or Lansberg erecta are much lower. Routinely we are using Hygromycin vectors, as Kanamycin vectors like pBIN19 or pGV3850KAN yield only very few trans
formants. I will send the protocol as we use it now by fax.
Best regards,
Thomas Altmann, IGF Berlin

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