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Chris.Somerville 21847CRS at MSU.EDU
Tue Mar 24 14:11:00 EST 1992


About one month ago, we called for nominations for elected
membership in a 6 person  Arabidopsis Steering Committee for the
North American community. One of the main purposes of the committee
is to provide a formal mechanism for communication between the NA
Arabidopsis community and Arabidopsis workers on other continents,
and to provide a mechanism for communicating with the
administrators of the institutions which provide most of our
research support.  In addition, the committee has played a role in
stimulating the development of the stock centers, the databases and
the newsgroup. Now that big sequencing is upon us we may expect the
committee to become involved in trying to coordinate both national
and international cooperation and collaborations.

Twenty six people were nominated. Most of these people have been
contacted and have agreed to stand. However, I was unable to
contact several nominees. I decided the most appropriate thing to
do was to include them on the list and deal with it if they are
elected. I apologize to those people if this was the wrong

The vote will be the nearest thing to a secret ballot that is
possible. Dave Kristofferson will count the votes and report the
top six to me. In the event that there are more than six people who
receive the same number of votes, there will be a runoff.


1. Please send a message containing the names of up to six nominees
to the following address:

         biovote at

2. Please do not use the "automatic reply" function on your email

3. Only votes from North American addresses will count. Each
address can vote for up to six candidates.

4. Voting will cease April 7, 1992

5. Here is the list of candidates:

Fred Ausubel
Phil Benfey
Janet Braam
Joanne Chory
Na Chua
Ron Davis
Joe Ecker
Mark Estelle
Glen Evans
Chuck Gasser
Howard Goodman
Roger Hangartner
Roger Innes
Toby Kellogg
Rob Last
June Medford
Ry Meeks-Wagner
David Meinke
Elliot Meyerowitz
CHris Somerville
Eric Ward
Marty Yanofsky
Liz Zimmer

6. My thanks to Elliot for compiling the nominations and to all
those who took the time to send in nominations.

Chris Somerville for the NA Steering Committee

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