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Tue Mar 24 11:14:00 EST 1992

This is a summary of the results of my search for information on
Arabidopsis species, ploidy levels, and interspecific/intergeneric
hybrids with A. thaliana.

Elliot Meyerowitz and Mitch McGrath suggested the same reference,
though there was some confusion over the volume number and year.
I never straightened this out, so I will include the ambiguous
numbers in the citation.

Redei (1969 or 1970) Bibliographica Genetica 20 or 21: 1-151.

Elliot further mentioned that A. thaliana is the only Arabidopsis
species (and virtually the only mustard) with n=5.  Crosses with
Hylandra are known.

Mitch gave two additional references, below.

Kranz & Kirchheim (1987) Genetic resources in Arabidopsis.
Arabidopsis Information Service v24.

Al-Shehbaz (1988) The genera of Sisymbrieae in the SE U.S. 
J. Arnold Arboretum 69:213-237.

Mark Estelle wrote to say that Bob Price in Jeff Palmer's lab
has an excellent collection of Arabidopsis relatives, and can
be reached at (812)855-2549.

Thanks to all who replied.  It would be a big downsizing for me
to move to Arabidopsis from Populus, and would mean less free
firewood.  I guess I could trade in my chainsaw for some
teeny tiny scissors...

Toby Bradshaw
Biochem SJ-70
University of Washington

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