DNA methods

steve dellaporta SDELLAP at YALEVM.YCC.YALE.EDU
Wed Mar 11 11:32:17 EST 1992

I have modified earlier versions of the DNA miniprep to accomodate small
sample sizes (e.g. arabidopsis leaf) called a "microprep".  It can be done in
a microfuge tube and is "environmentally friendly" - no phenol or
chloroform.  This protocol will appear in the "Maize Handbook" later
this year.  In the meantime, a preprint is available in electronic form as a
binhex asci file. Also included are a second DNA extraction method and a
simple CL-6B spin column to purify miniprep DNA for critical PCR and
cloning.  These files are available directly from me.  Send a message with
your email address to "sdellap at yalevm.bitnet".  The files can be extracted
by transferring the binhex file to a Mac, decoding the binhex file with
Stuffit, and extracting three Microsoft Word files from the resulting archive
file.  Unfortunately, I do not have the secretarial help to respond by mail.  A
DOS version may be available soon for those who do not have access to

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