AAtDB update coming soon

AAtDB Data Submission Address Curator at FRODO.MGH.HARVARD.EDU
Mon Oct 5 14:53:23 EST 1992

AAtDB 1-2 coming soon. Send your updated information now.

Within a couple of weeks we expect to make available the first update
to AAtDB, the database of Arabidopsis information.  If you have
considered updating any of the information in AAtDB now is the time to
send in that information.

The mapping survey is currently under way and you should use the forms
that were sent via electronic and postal mail.

For other types of information please just send us the new or changed
info in an electronic mail message to curator at frodo.mgh.harvard.edu or
FAX to 617-726-6893. No particular form is required. Simply state the
information that you wish to submit as clearly as possible.

In particular we would like to verify that the Colleague information
is up-to-date. If you are not able to verify your information in the
AAtDB database using the Unix version or the Gopher and WAIS servers
you are invited to send a message to curator at frodo.mgh.harvard.edu.
We will check that your information is current in AAtDB. If you wish
to update your information please submit your information to the same
address. List any of the following types of information.

Colleague Class of Information in AAtDB.

   Full Name:
   Position (optional):
   Profession (optional):
   Complete postal mail address:
   List of Electronic Mail Addresses (Bitnet, Internet and other):
   FAX number:
   Telex number:
   Brief Summary of Research Interests (optional):
   Keywords Describing Your Research Interests (optional):
   Lab group or Associated researchers (optional):

Any other information you wish to be included in AAtDB 1-2 should be
sent as soon as possible.

The AAtDB 1-2 release will come after the next release of the ACeDB
software for X-windows. We anticipate AAtDB 1-3 will follow around the
new year.  Also of interest to many of you the development of the
Macintosh version of the ACeDB software by Frank Eeckman (LLNL) is
going well and is currently in beta testing.

Mike Cherry
Sam Cartinhour

AAtDB is funded by the U. S. Department of Agriculture Plant Genome
Research Program through the National Agricultural Library and is
maintained by a group at the Massachusetts General Hospital and
Harvard Medical School.

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