Arabidopsis Information Service

Chris.Somerville 21847CRS at MSU.EDU
Mon Oct 5 21:48:00 EST 1992

 Rob McClung asked about the fate of the Arabidopsis Information Service.
This journal stopped when Dr. Kranz retired last year.  However, there are
plans afoot to launch a successor and several colleagues around the world have
agreed to serve as editors. The Ohio Stock Center has offered to be the
publisher. Therefore, I hope that by next summer at the latest we will have
something in place.  We feel a bit nervous about this because several calls
for interest last year were greeted with muted enthusiasm.  There are already
too many journals and this newsgroup apparently satisfies many of the needs
for news (and with the MGH Gopher, also provides and archive of methods etc).

Regarding old copies of the AIS: I think the only solution is that I will
donate my copy of the entire series of AIS volumes to the Ohio Stock Center
and they can take responsibility for sending out xerox copies of articles.
Contact them if there is something you really need.

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