Arabidopsis mutants

Hong Ma at CSHL Delbruck mah at CSHL.ORG
Wed Oct 7 10:31:34 EST 1992

Dear Arabidopsis biologists:
Elliot Meyerowitz and I are putting together a list of Arabidopsis mutants
and variants.  If you have unpublished information or paper in press about
new mutants, new alleles of previously defined genes, new information about
existing mutants, including but not limited to map positions, phenotypes, 
growth requirements, and molecular data such as clones, nature of mutations,
please send them to me by mail or by E-mail, if you don't mind the info to
be included in our list.  We are trying to find all available information
and to assemble an as complete a list as possible.  Other genetic variants
such as different ecotypes, inbred lines and so on are also welcome.

Please be sure to include the method of mutagenesis if the mutants are new.
Also list all available references.  If you find a reference on existing 
mutants in recent journal which may not have been entered in the reference
databases yet, I will also greatly appreciate your letting me know about it.

Thank you very much in advance for your cooporation.

Sincerely yours,
Hong Ma
Cold Spring Harbor Lab.
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Cold Spring Harbor, NY 11724
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