RFLP markers on chrom. 5

Mike Cherry 726-5955 CHERRY at FRODO.MGH.HARVARD.EDU
Tue Oct 27 07:38:44 EST 1992

>howell_lab at qmrelay.mail.cornell.edu wrote:
>we are looking for more RFLP makers on the tip of chromsome 5, where our ckr1
>gene is located. Does anyone have pCITd110 and pCITd77 or other markers in 
> that region? We will appreciate if you would contact us. 

Below are the loci known to AAtDB in that region of chromosome V. The
pCITd110, pCITd123 and pCITd77 have been mapped by the Meyerowitz lab.
The F2 data is included in AAtDB. The visible markers yi and min are
available in strains from Ohio State (CS91 and CS74) and Nottingham
(NW91 and NW74). The g4510 RFLP is a cosmid from the Goodman lab and
is available from the Ohio State ABRC as strain CD2-38.

All this information is available via AAtDB, Unix or Gopher/WAIS.

Here is a portion of the chromosome 5 genetic map from AAtDB 1-2. The
genetic map in this version of the map was calculated using Piet
Stam's JOINMAP and data provided and/or collected by the Koornneef,
Meyerowitz, Goodman and Scolnik labs.

Gene Symbol     Chr  Map Position  Chi Sq on addition to map
===========     ===  ============  =========================
pCITd110         V      96.19              50.57
yi               V      96.30              10.62
min              V      97.09               0.20
pCITd123         V      97.59               7.10
g4510            V      99.00              20.02
pCITd77          V     100.40              56.30

Mike Cherry
AAtDB Project
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