Growth Chambers

J Preiss--Seq Anal preissj at CLVAX1.CL.MSU.EDU
Fri Apr 16 13:06:00 EST 1993

I highly recomend Percival growth chambers.  In my experienc, they are the
best quality, and most reliable units on the market.  They are also the only
units I have found that can be customized to have multiple lighted shelves
to maximize growth area per chamber (as aposed to volume).  This especially
useful when you are growing small plants like Ath or tissue cultures as 
apposed to adult corn plants in a conviron (similar reliability, but no
option for multiple shelves).  I have had particularly bad luck with Que
brand, and with fisher brand chambers (too much down time, and/or no repair
support from the company).  Percival also has the advantage of being the 
cheapest unit on the market that I have found, and they are very helpful
about customizing for particular needs (adding outlets inside for a shaker,
or adding extra shelves and racks of lights for nominal cost).  Obviously,
I like their products.  I have bought 2, so far, and used many other brands.
that I inherited (and never liked as much).

	Percival Manufacturing Company
	1805 East 4th St.
	Boone, IA  50036


	(oops, my keyboard interface just fritzed.  That last line of numbers
should have been the phone number)
	515-432-6501 (phone)
	515-432-6503 (FAX)
	Searls Enterprises Inc.
	PO box 1552
	Battle Creek, MI  49016
	616-965-6691    		(my local distributer)

I have no conection to any of the companies mentioned above, I'm just a happy
customer and product user.

	Dr. Leonard N. Bloksberg
	PreissJ at
	Dept. of Biochemistry
	Michigan State University

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