Plant Genome Analysis Conference

Fri Apr 16 09:49:12 EST 1993


Reading the reminder about the upcoming Arabidopsis meeting in
Columbus reminded me to announce our upcoming plant meeting. Each
year in late May or early June the Center for Legume Research at 
the University of Tennessee sponsors a plant science conference.
These are small conferences <100 participants and are of low cost
(registration of $100 with dormitory housing available).  This
year's conference has as a topic Plant Genome Analysis. Among the
invited speakers are:

Randy Shoemaker (USDA,Ames, IA)
Norman Weeden (Cornell)
Peter Gresshoff (UTK)
Antoni Rafalski (DuPont)
Susan Wessler (U GA)
Lila Vodkin (UI, Urbana)
Perry Cregan (USDA, Beltsville)
John Carlson (UBC)
Bob Beever (NC)
Ed Coe (USDA-Missouri) 
Steve Rodermel (ISU, Ames)
and others

The meeting will be held in KNoxville, TN from June 9-13, 1993. I have been
remiss in not announcing this meeting earlier on the network. The
official registration deadline has passed, but we are still taking
registrations.  Anyone interested in getting registration material
can either contact me by email at 


or can contact the meeting organizer:

UT Conference Center
P.O. Box 2468
Knoxville, TN   37901
FAX: 615-974-0264

Three days before the start of the meeting we are also holding a 
hands-on workshop on genome analysis methods.  This workshop has
a limited attendance and is primarily directed at internal
UTK faculty and staff. However, at this time, there are about
5 places still available for outside people. The workshop will
be taught by UTK staff and faculty as well as outside instructors
made up of some of the speakers from the Plant Genome Analysis
conference. Methods such as RAPD, DAF, etc. will be covered.
This workshop will cover not only plants but also other organisms.
Anyone specifically interested in the workshop should
Dr. Peter Gresshoff
The University of Tennessee
Knoxville, TN  37901-1071
FAX: 615-974-2765

Finally, keep in mind that these meetings are held yearly on different
subjects. The 1994 meeting will likely deal with some aspect of
plant cell signalling mechanisms.  If anyone has any ideas of important
subjects currently not being addressed by other conferences, I would
appreciate receiving such suggestions. Perhaps we can work them into
future conferences.

Best regards.  Gary STacey, Director CLR

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