Clinton's Job Stimulus Package

Mon Apr 19 12:49:37 EST 1993

To members of the scientific community at large,
The following letters were drafted by Douglas D. Randall, professor of Biochem-
istry at U of Missouri-Columbia.  Please take appropriate action yourself, and
distribute to your colleagues.

19 April 1993

The Jobs Stimulus Package presently before the Senate contains a $207 million
reduction  in NSF.  This will make the difference between funding 12-15 of
100 grants submitted versus 18-20 per 100 submissions.  These earmarked funds a
re on the compromise of cut list.  We need to get messages to the White House
and to Senators (Your State) asking that these funds not be cut, as soon as
Please write to all three (Clinton and your two senators)--fax your letters.
The White House fax number is 202-456-2461.  The White House email address is
75300.3115 at

Contact everyone you can and ask them to do the same.  This means people in
Missouri contact both the White House and our Senators.  People in other states
must contact the White House and any republican senators they have.  Students
do it too, its your future.  Hand written notes are very, very effective but
all letters are important.  Fax is very important, because time is very critica
I have enclosed a sample of my letters.  Please hurry.
Doug Randall

19 April 1993

President Bill Clinton
The White House
Washington, DC
Dear President Clinton,

I am writing to express concern that any potential compromise on the pending
Jobs Stimulus Package may include removing $207 million designated for the
National Science Foundation.  This will result in a continued serious
deterioration of research capabilities, and these funds provide jobs--
65-70% of grant funds support technicians, lab workers and particularly
young scientists.The continued loss of future scientists results in
erosion of technology based jobs and erosion in our quality of life.

I supported your election and worked hard for change in this country and I
find this issue as critical as any we face.  Compromise on real pork barrel
and not on education and our future.

Douglas D. Randall
Address, City State...

19 April 1993

The Honorable Senator  ?/?

Dear Senator ? or Senator ?

I urge you to work expeditously towards resolving the Jobs Stimulus Package
before the Senate.  Obviously, compromise will be necessary and I ask you not
(underlined and bolded) to cut or compromise the $207 million investment in the
 future through the funds earmarked for the National Science Foundation.
Approximately 65% of all research funds received by scientists are spent on
jobs--technicians, lab workers, and particularly, young scientists essential
to our future.  The continued loss of basic research funds in the USA results
in erosion of competitivenessin the critical high technology areas, loss of
opportunities to increase our standard of living, and loss of young minds
entering or continuing careers in science and engineering.

This investment in basic research is not pork barrel-- it is for highly
competitive, highly scrutinized and high return efforts that will use
the taxpayers money for their future health and well being.

I urge you to resolve this issue, look for real pork barrel to cut, but
do not cut this investment in the future of this country.

A very recent example is the discovery that the anti-cancer drug taxol is
produced by a simple fungus which was discovered by a plant biologist
studying a basic problem using a small NSF grant.  Now we have the
the opportunity to significantly reduce the cost of taxol production and thus
make it more available to cancer fighting efforts and reduce the health cost
as well as human suffering.


Douglas D. Randall, Ph.D.
Address, City, State

Again folks, please modify this to your own words, get the message out to
your friends and have them act on it also.  Thanks.

John C. Walker
Divison of Biological Sciences
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University of Missouri
Columbia, MO   65211
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