Postdoctoral Position

Barbara Baker bbaker at GARNET.BERKELEY.EDU
Thu Apr 22 19:54:43 EST 1993

Postdoctoral Position
University of California, Berkeley-USDA
Plant Gene Expression Center

A postdoctoral position is available immediately for utilization of a
transposon/site-specific recombination system for directed genome
manipulation and gene identification and isolation in Arabidopsis. The
system has recently been established in Arabidopsis and is comprised of the
maize Ac/Ds transposons and the Cre/lox site-specific recombination system
of coliphage P1.  The research will support and extend an existing Ac/Ds
transposon tagging (insertional mutagenesis) program developed for
Arabidopsis (M. Honma, B. Baker and C.Waddell [1993] Proc. Natl. Acad.
Sci.,in press).  The transposition-recombination system will be employed
for targeted insertion and deletion mutagenesis as well as for directed
genome rearrangement.  The system has been developed to permit facile
identification and isolation of genomic transposon insertion and
recombination targets.  The long-term goals of the project include, but are
not limited to, identification and isolation of plant genes responsible for
pathogen recognition and defense and resistance responses.

Applicants should have experience in biochemistry, molecular biology and/or
cell biology but prior work with plants is not a requirement.  A cover
letter describing research experience and interests, a curriculum vitae and
names of three references should be sent to:

Dr. Barbara Baker
USDA-University of California, Berkeley
Plant Gene Expression Center
800 Buchanan St.
Albany, CA 94710
Telephone: 510-559-5912;
FAX: 510-559-5912;
E-mail:bbaker at

University of California, Berkeley and its affiliated institutions are
Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employers.

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