disease response genes

Stuart Brown browns at ccu.umanitoba.ca
Fri Apr 23 12:47:55 EST 1993

I need some help identifying and locating some cloned Arab. genes.
   We are currently trying to evaluate some transgenic canola (Brassica napus)
plants for resistance response to Brassica pathogens.
 	I will be doing Northerns and RT-PCR to try to determine 
 if our introduced gene (a disease response gene from pea) is induced
 during resistant and susceptible interactions with pathogens.  I need
 a control gene for these experiments that we know will be induced so
 I can determine if I have obtained RNA suffiently enriched for
 disease challenged tissue.  We do not know of any disease response
 genes cloned from Brassica, but I am hoping that there is sufficient
 similarity with Arabidopsis to make Arab. genes suitable probes.
 	So I need to find out what cloned Arab. genes are available
 (and from where), and which ones would make the best markers for
 disease resistance and susceptibiltiy induction.
 	I would be greatful for any information you could provide
 on this topic.

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