Two-hybrid system

Tue Apr 27 09:37:32 EST 1993

I would like to initiate a discussion on the use of the yeast "two-hybrid"
system for the identification of protein-protein interactions .  For those
of you who are not familiar with the two hybrid system see Chen et al.,
1991 PNAS 88:9578 and Touchette, 1991 J.NIH Research 3:44.  We are gearing
up to use this method to find proteins that interact with protein kinases
and phosphatases from Arabidopsis.  We have the a set plasmids and yeast
strains from Stan Fields and we are currently making a cDNA library in the
"activation-domain" plasmid.

Specifically I would like to know
-Has anyone gotten this to work with Arabidopsis genes?
-Is anyone else trying it?  If so do you have any useful tips?
-Does anyone have a cDNA library in the activation domain plamsid?  If you
do, are you willing to share it?  We are willing to give out our library
once we have characterized it.

Please respond to the net or directly to me at the following address.  I
will post responses to the net.

John C. Walker
Divison of Biological Sciences
308 Tucker Hall
University of Missouri
Columbia, MO   65211
Phone: 314-882-3583 (Office)
       314-882-3481  (Lab)
FAX:   314-882-0123
EMAIL: jcw at

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