Questions about hydroponic growth

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Wed Apr 28 15:49:08 EST 1993

Dear Hon-Ming,

        We have consistently gotten large quantities of clean, sterile root
tissue by growing plants in "liquid culture".  All you need to do is sow
approximately 10-20 Chlorox sterilized seed in 50 ml Murashige and Skoog
media (make your own or use GIBCO's) + vitamins + 3% sucrose in a 250 ml flask.
(The media is sterilized of course)  The flasks are placed on a rotary shaker
and constantly shaken at 150 rpm under low light (room lights are fine).  The
MS media should be changed weekly and in 2-3 weeks you should have a LOT of
root tissue in the flasks.  The shoot tissue will look strange and you can
decide whether or not to use it.  Hope that this is helpful.

Melissa Melan                           mmelan at
Department of Biological Sciences
Wellesley College
Wellesley, MA  02181

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