Arabiflora and posters

hangarter.1 at OSU.EDU hangarter.1 at OSU.EDU
Wed Aug 4 17:14:13 EST 1993

We have had a number of requests for information regarding poster
presentations at the Arabidopsis meeting that starts on the 19th of August.
(Wow, he thinks, thats only a couple of weeks from now! Yikes!).  The
following notice is being included with the registration confirmation.  In
case you only recently registered and haven't yet received your
confirmation, or if the notice was inadvertantly not included with your
confirmation, we are posting the notice here to help you prepare your
posters.  If you know of someone who will be preparing a poster and they do
not read this news group, please pass this information on to them.  I hope
this answers most questions about the posters. 

Information for those of you who submitted abstracts.

If you did not receive a letter indicating that your abstract has been
chosen for an oral presentation, you can assume that you will have a poster
presentation.  We expect to have around 350 posters which will fill all of
the space we have available.  We intend to have the posters hanging for the
entire time.  Abstracts will be assigned a number in the abstract book
corresponding to a poster location.  The abstract book will be provided to
all participants when they check in at the registration desk.   Please keep
the following things in mind when preparing your poster:  

1)  Posters will be limited to an area 46 inches wide X 40 high (this is
the corrected dimensions that we posted the other day).  All of your
material should fit into the allotted space.

2)  It is really difficult to read small print in a crowded room from even
a short distance.

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