Changes in AAtDB Project

Wed Aug 4 20:43:57 EST 1993

Update on the AAtDB Project.

In this message we report a few changes to the USDA/NAL funded
Arabidopsis genome database AAtDB at Massachusetts General Hospital. A
new curator has been hired to take over the AAtDB project.  John
Morris currently at the University of Washington will be starting in
September.  John will be at the upcoming Arabiflora meeting in
Columbus, Ohio. Sam Cartinhour is no longer on the AAtDB Project.
However Sam, John and Mary Anderson (Nottingham, the AAtDB strain
curator) will be giving demonstrations of AAtDB at the Arabiflora
meeting. Mike Cherry has also left the project but will maintain a
part-time involvement until December. Sam and Mike are working to
facilitate a smooth transition during the switch to John Morris and
will continue to answer questions addressed to
curator at

A new release of AAtDB should occur in the next few weeks, probably
after the Arabiflora meeting, which will include new information and
provide compatibility with the ACEDB 1-10 software.

We are also pleased to announce that through the generosity of Digital
Equipment Corporation in the form of a new DECstation 5000/133 there
is a new We will be able to provide some new
services from this machine. An announcement on these will follow
within the next week.

Please continue to use the curator at e-mail
address to reach the AAtDB Project staff.

Mike Cherry
Sam Cartinhour
Howard M. Goodman

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