Metabolism Workshop Schedul

Mon Aug 9 11:30:59 EST 1993

 The Boyce Thompson Institute
 Subject Metabolism Workshop Schedule                     8/9/93     11:38 AM
Dear Colleagues,
Below is the schedule for the Metabolism Workshop to be held at the Arabiflora
Meeting on Thursday the 19th of August.  All conferees are welcome to attend,
whether or not you contacted us previously.  We look forward to a stimulating
Brian Keith
Rob Last

Metabolism Workshop Schedule:

1:00-1:10 Introductions.

1:10-1:25 Arabidopsis Dissimilates L-Arginine and L-Citruline for Use as
N-Source.  Robert Ludwig, Univ. California, Santa Cruz

1:25-1:40  Analysis of the Structure and Expression of Genes Encoding E2s from
Arabidopsis thaliana.  Sharon Thoma, Univ. of Wisconsin

1:40-1:55  Isolation of Purine Biosynthetic Genes of Arabidopsis thaliana. 
Julie Senecoff, Univ. of Georgia.

1:55-2:10 Isoleucine-Insensitive Mutants of Arabidopsis.  George Mourad, Univ.
of Saskatchewan.

2:10-2:25 The Tryptophan Pathway: A Paradigm for the Genetics of Amino Acid
Biosynthesis in Plants.  Alan Rose, Boyce Thompson Institute at Cornell.

2:25-2:40 A Tryptophan Auxotroph Reveals Two Auxin Biosynthetic Pathways in
Arabidopsis thaliana.  Jennifer Normanly, Whitehead Institute for Biomedical

2:40-2:55 Analysis of Protein-Protein Interactions Between the First Two
Enzymes of Flavonoid Biosynthesis.  Brenda Shirley, Virginia Polytechnic Inst.

2:55-3:10  Genetic Approaches to Flavonoid Research in Arabidopsis thaliana. 
John Sheahan, Boyce Thompson Institute at Cornell

3:10-3:30 Break

3:30-3:45 Regulation of HMG CoA Reductase Gene Expression by Environmental and
Developmental Cues.  R. Marc Learned, UC Davis

3:45-4:00 Genetic Dissection of Carotenoid and Chlorophyll Synthesis in
Arabidopsis thaliana.  Dean DellaPenna, Univ. Arizona

4:00-4:15 Genetic Analysis of Starch Synthesis and Accumulation.  Tim Caspar,

4:15-4:30 Cell Wall Mutants of Arabidopsis.  Wolf-Dieter Reiter, MSU-DOE Plant
Research Lab, Michigan State Univ.

4:30-4:45 Genetics of Iron Uptake in Arabidopsis thaliana.  Jenny Saleeba,
Dartmouth College. (22)

4:45-5:00  Rap-up and Discussion

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