Postdoctoral Position

Prof. David Oliver doliver at UIDAHO.EDU
Tue Aug 10 02:10:33 EST 1993

	A NSF-funded postdoctoral position is available in my laboratory
starting immediately.  The person selected for the position will study the
changes in expression of tricarboxylic acid cycle enzymes during seed
germination in Brassica (rape seed oil).  As oil seed switch from lipid
metabolism to carbohydrate metabolism shortly after seed germination,
there are developmental differences in the TCA cycle enzymes present. 
This reflects the changing physiological role of the cycle at different
developmental stages.  The genes for fumarase and NAD-dependent isocitrate
dehydrogenase will be isolated and used to study the mechanism by which
the plant is regulating the differential expression of these two genes. 
Strong skills in molecular biology are essential and interest in working
with enzymes is desirable.  The salary will range between $24,000 and
$26,000 depending on experience and a full fringe benefit package is

	Anyone interested in the position should send a CV and arrange to
have three reference letters sent to:
	David J. Oliver
	Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
	Life Sciences Building
	University of Idaho
	Moscow, ID 83843  USA
	Phone: (208) 885-7164
	FAX: (208) 885-6518

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