Dorm rooms for Arabiflora

hangarter.1 at OSU.EDU hangarter.1 at OSU.EDU
Tue Aug 10 13:15:46 EST 1993

There seems to be a rumor about that the residence hall rooms for
Arabiflora are not airconditioned.  This is NOT TRUE.  All of the residence
halls that are available for the meeting ARE airconditioned, so don't sweat
it.  The lecture hall, poster space, and workshop rooms are also
airconditioned.  However, you might get hot walking from place to place.  I
will try to post the local weather forecasts next week.  We like to wear
T-shirts.  Speaking of T-shirts, you will have the opportunity to buy some
at the meeting, in case you forget your own.

Unfortunately, if you were planing to stay in the dorm and haven't arranged
your accommodations yet, you may be out of luck.  All of the residence hall
rooms are booked.  We are trying to obtain more rooms but I do not know
what the chances are of finding any.  There are still rooms available at
the Holiday Inn.

Keep cool,
Roger Hangarter

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