Yokohama Botanical Congress

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Mon Aug 16 15:25:23 EST 1993

          International Workshop of Molecular Plant Genome Biology 
               on September 3 and 4 at Yokohama City University 
                         organized by RFLP MEETING 
                     "DNA links Plant Genome Biology" 

This workshop has been organized as a satellite of the 15th. International
Botanical Congress in Yokohama

Attendants should contact as soon as possible:

Dr. Akira Saito
Dept. Molecular Biology 
National Institute of Agrobiological Resources
Kannondai 2-1-2, Tsukuba, Japan 305
FAX:      +81 298-38-7408
e-mail:   tsu00807 at jpnjrdc.bitnet

Sept. 3, 14:00- Opening remarks: Akira Saito (NIAR)

     1. Progress of gene cloning methods

          1. Current RFLP map and map-based cloning in Arabidopsis
               Yoshifumi Komeda (Tokyo Univ)
          2. T-DNA tagging in Arabidopsis
               Kiyotaka Okada (NIBB)
          3. Map-based cloning of Xa-21 in rice
               Pamela Ronald (UC Davis)
          4. Transposition of Ac/Ds in rice
               Kazuhiko Sugimoto (NIAR) and 
               Shigheru Iida (Tokyo Science Univ)
          5. Physical mapping of rRNA genes by direct cloned probes 
             from laser-dissected chromosomal fragments.
               Kiichi Fukui (Hokuriku Agri.Expt.Sta.)
          6. High-molecular DNA isolation from rice nucleus.
               Shoji Hatano (Tokyo Univ)
          7. Thermo Asymmetric InterLaced PCR and its efficiency for 
             recovering flanking DNA sequence
               Robert Whittier (Mitsui Biotech Inst.)

          18:30- BANQUET

Sept. 4,  9:30-

     1. Map and mapping systems in cereal genomes

          1. Current rice RFLP maps & construction of data base
             in grain genes. 
               Susan McCouch (Cornell Univ)
          2. Mapping of rice Stv-bi genes.
               Yuriko Hayano (Hokkaido Agri.Exp.Sta.)
          3. Mapping of rice blast desease resitant genes.
               Shinji Kawasaki (JRDC/NIAR)
          4. Rice chromosome 4 in classical & RFLP maps
               Masahiko Maekawa (Hokkaido Univ.)
          5. Current barley RFLP maps.
               Ken Kasha (Guelph Univ.)

     2. Chromosome mutants and cytological mapping

          1. Chromosome deletion mutants in wheat
               Bikrams Gill (Kansas Univ.)
          2. Chromosome dissecting gene in wheat
               Hisashi Tsujimoto (Kihara Biological Inst.)

     3. Structure and diversity of organella genome

          1. Use of mitochondrial DNA rearrangements 
             in plant molecular population
               Toru Terachi (Kyoto Sangyo Univ.)
          2. Structural alteration of the chloroplast genome
               Claude de Pamphilis (Vanderbilt Univ.)
Closing remarks: Yasunari Ogihara (Kihara Biological Inst.)

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