gel dryer vac. pump

leidich at leidich at
Wed Aug 18 12:55:21 EST 1993

If you use a vacuum pump with a cold trap for gel drying, vacuum oven, 
or centrifuge we have found an inexpensive, dry, trouble-free vacuum pump
which require no trap, no belts, no oil. It is compact and averages about
9000 hours between failures.  It costs $775 and uses about 1/4 the power
of an oil-filled pump with cold trap.  If interestested contact:
Hovac, Inc.
63 Frog Hollow Rd.
Churchville, PA 18966


fax   (215)355-5365

I had mentioned this previously and many people have ordered the pumps and have 
them in use.  Their typical comments are: these things are great; why didn't
somebody tell us about these before; someone should tell the biotech 
community about them.

I have notice some gel drying manufacturers now use similar pumps but they
are far more expensive and not as reliable.  Hovac is a very service 
oriented company and will take care of all service needs.

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