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David Kristofferson kristoff at net.bio.net
Tue Aug 24 20:36:34 EST 1993

kearns at HUELINGS.HARVARD.EDU (Ellen V. Kearns) writes:

>Since I graduated from Smith College, home of Gloria Steinem, I feel compelled
>to say that Warren Victorian's message about phone sex doesn't belong on this

I was on the road last week but we took action against this clown and
helped get his account canceled.  Nonetheless, this account was
undoubtedly opened at a public Internet access site, of which there
are many, under an assumed name.  An essentially identical message was
broadcast a little over a month ago.  There is nothing preventing such
a character from doing this again.

To date this newsgroup has worked rather well, so I am not sure that
any action is needed other than what we did behind the scenes.
Readers should just ignore the messages.  If this becomes a real
problem, we could make this a moderated newsgroup, but this means that
someone would have to take the time to screen messages before passing
them on.

If the Arabidopsis readership decides that such a mechanism is needed,
Chris Somerville should contact me in his capacity as discussion
leader, and we will put it in place.  I personally already moderate
three newsgroups and could not take the moderation task on myself.


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