Arabidopsis ESTs from France, part 1

Thu Aug 26 10:38:52 EST 1993

Dear Netters,

Here is a list of Arabidopsis Expressed Sequence Tags (ESTs) showing
significant matches to sequences in the public databases. The sequences
were determined in 6 french laboratories organized in the "Groupement De
Recherche, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique". They have been
submitted to the EMBL database and are also available from the dbEST
database at the National Centre for Biotechnology Information and AATDB.
A publication on the first sequences from this project will appear soon
(The Plant Journal, in press.)
The table can be imported into Microsoft EXCEL or an equivalent program to
align the columns.

Columns refer respectively to: (1) the EST identifier in dbEST (NCBI), (2) the identity of the 
protein with the highest similarity score, (3) the organism, (4) the %  sequence identity and 
(5) the overlap in amino acids or in nucleotides (the latter indicated by "b"), (6) the database 
and (7) the accession number of the database entry and (8) the libraries from which the ESTs 
were derived (first letter) and in which additional matches were found (numbers indicate the 
number of matches observed). Libraries were made from: C: suspension cultured cells; L: 
cultured leaf strips to induce cell division; E: etiolated seedlings; F: flower buds and S: 
developing siliques. When several cDNA sequences matched the same entry, one 
representative match is shown. *MTHDH = methylenetetrahydrofolate dehydrogenase; 

Table follows in next message.

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