Arabidopsis ESTs from France, repeat, part 4

Fri Aug 27 08:51:13 EST 1993

continued from Arabidopsis ESTs from France, repeat, part 3

EST-identifier	Putative identification	Organism	% Id	Overlap	Dbase	nr cDNAs /library
			(aa)	(aa)			

 ATTS0862	RNA polymerases I and III, 40 kDa protein 	S.cerevisiae	52.2	69	S	 P07703	C
 ATTS0402	Rubisco, ssu		98.1	257b	G	 X13611	L
 ATTS0704	Rubisco, ssu 		100	45	S	 P10798	F
 ATTS0797	Rubisco, ssu 		97	42	P 	 S03719	F
 ATTS0797	Rubisco, ssu*	 	97	65	P 	 A29280	F
 ATTS0375	Rubisco, ssu, 1A		97	38	S	 P10795	S
 ATTS0246	S-adenosylmethionine synthase  		100	116	S	 P23686	"C; 2S"
 ATTS0595	S-adenosylmethionine synthase  		81	54	S	 P17562	E
 ATTS0164	Seed storage protein, 12S  		100	53	S	 P15455	2S
 ATTS0228	Seed storage protein, 12S type B		100	121	S	 P15456	S
 ATTS0190	Seed storage protein, 12S type C		68	81	S	 P15455	S
 ATTS0212	Seed storage protein, 2S, 1, precursor  		98	53	S	 P15457	2S
 ATTS0168	Seed storage protein, 2S, 2, precursor  		100	53	S	 P15458	7S
 ATTS0154	Seed storage protein, 2S, 3, precursor  		100	62	S	 P15459	47S
 ATTS0171	Seed storage protein, 2S, 4, precursor  		100	87	S	 P15460	11S
 ATTS0243	Seed storage protein, 2S, 5, precursor  		57	63	S	 P15459	S
 ATTS0819	Succinyl-coA ligase -alpha chain	Rattus 	69	72	P 	 P13086	F
 ATTS0443	Sucrose-UDP glucosyl-transferase	Solanum	73.0	230b	G	 M18745	L
 ATTS0692	Suppressor protein 1  	S.cerevisiae	87	71	P 	 A23642	F
 ATTS0252	Thioesterase mRNA  	Umbellularia	63	147	G	 M94159	S
 ATTS0795	Thioglucosidase 	Sinapis	76	42	P 	 S19149	4 F
 ATTS0234	Thiol protease precursor  	Lycopersicon 	76	119	S	 P20721	S
 ATTS0078	Thioredoxin	Nicotiana t.	61	95	P	 S16590	2C
 ATTS0616	Tonoplast Intrinsic Protein, gamma		100	115	S	 P25818	E
 ATTS0533	Tonoplast Intrinsic Protein, gamma		89	103	S	 P25818	3E
 ATTS0627	Translation initiation factor	H.sapiens	60	156	S	 P20042	E
 ATTS0421	Translation initiation factor 2	Nicotiana p.	81.1	259b	E	 X61205	L
 ATTS0617	TriosePho.Isomerase 	Zea	76	99	S	 P12863	E
 ATTS0464	Tubulin, alpha-2		98	193b	G	 M84696	C
 ATTS0635	Tubulin, alpha-3		97	342b	G	 M17189	E
 ATTS0883	Tubulin, alpha-5		100	192b	G	 M84698	C
 ATTS0750	Tubulin, alpha-6		97,5	162b	G	 M84699	F
 ATTS0696	Tubulin, beta-3		96,9	224b	G	 M84701	"F; C"
 ATTS0538	Tubulin, beta-5		100	68	G	 M84702	E
 ATTS0762	Tumor protein  (fragment)    	Medicago 	83	42	P 	 S19895	F
 ATTS0705	U2 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein A	H.sapiens	64	110	P 	 P09661	F
 ATTS0019	Ubiquitin precursor	Helianthus	95	65	G	 S17436	"C; F"
 ATTS0752	Ubiquitin, precursor		96	49	P 	 S01425	"F; C; 2E"
 ATTS0889	Ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme	Triticum	67.4	46	S 	 P25868	C
 ATTS0849	Ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme	Drosophila	73.2	82	S 	 P25867	C
 ATTS0266	Ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme  	S.cerevisiae	80	112	S	 P15731	"S; C"
 ATTS0324	Unp gene  	Mus	35	140	G	 L00681	S
 ATTS0735	Urease 	Klebsiella	58	62	E 	 F36138	F

Herman Hofte for:
The "Groupement de Recherche" CNRS, France.

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