Call for yUP data

Wed Dec 1 18:47:49 EST 1993

Dear Arabidopsis Researchers,

We are collecting all of the available genome data that people have 
generated using the yUP library so that it can be entered it into the 
object oriented database Genome Topographer. The data can be submitted 
anonymously, i.e. you do not have to indicate which gene(s) you are 
interested in cloning. The data will be displayed in terms of probe names, genetic distances, physical distances and YAC clones identified. We are interested in compiling the data into Genome Topographer so that everyone 
can have access to the data. There are cases where people with different interests are walking in the same area of the genome and are not aware of 
others efforts. Genome Topographer would allow us to maximize our information 
and resources. Any data that you have from other YAC libraries or other 
cloning vectors would also be appreciated.

1. Which probes have you used to identify YAC clones?

2. Which YACs did you identify?

3. Do you have data on the genetic order and distances of your probes?
   Which population(s) did you use to generate your data?

4. What do you know about the YACs (e.g. size, internal deletions, 
	chimeras, repetitive DNA (e.g. chloroplast, rDNA, mtDNA))?

5. Have you generated endprobes and genetically and/or physically mapped them?

Thank you for your attention and your responses.

Pat Dunn
pdunn at

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