Arabidopsis election:Please vote

Chris.Somerville 21847CRS at MSU.EDU
Thu Dec 9 14:31:00 EST 1993

Many thanks to all those who nominated colleagues for membership on
the North American Steering Committee. There is quite a long list
of nominees (below). Please vote for two candidates by sending a
message to the following address:

arabvote at

Voting will close December 21. The two names with the largest
number of votes will be invited to join the committee. IN case of
a tie there will be a runoff election as before. I have not
attempted to contact all those nominated to see if they will accept
the position if elected. Hopefully this will not be a problem.

The nominees are:

Barbara Baker
Philip Benfey
John Browse
Clint Chapple
Gloria Coruzzi
Nigel Crawford
Xing-Wang Deng
Marc Estelle
Ken Feldmann
Gerry Fink
Pam Green
Roger Hangarter
George Haughn
Vivian Irish
Rob Last
Rich Meagher
June Medford
Bob Pruitt
Pablo Scolnik
Brenda Shirley
Brian Staskawicz
Mike Sussman
Marty Yanofsky

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