Complementation of a tagged gene!

Wed Dec 15 15:51:06 EST 1993

        Hi Netters,

        I have recently isolated a T-DNA tagged allele of a mutation by
screening Ken Feldmann's mutagenized lines (I'm another post-doc that owes
Ken a beer at the next Arabidopsis meeting).  I don't yet have additional
alleles of this mutant and I would like to complement the mutant phenotype
by transformation.  Since my line is Kan resistant to begin with I was
wondering if other people that have found themselves in this situation have
constructed A.t. genomic libraries using vectors with hygromycin (or other
non-NPT related antibiotics) as the plant selection.  If not, I would like
to get hold of a reliable transformation vector with HygR or other
selection to subclone into.  Further, any good lore on transformation
(suggested agro strains, media, antibiotic concentrations, etc.) of WS
strains would also be greatly appreciated.  If requested I'll post replies
to the network.


Bryan Pickett
Pickett at

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