Cold Spring Harbor Summer Course

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Cold Spring Harbor Summer Course
Arabidopsis Molecular Genetics
July 4 - July 24, 1994

Joanne Chory, Salk Institute
Joseph Ecker, University of Pennsylvania
Athanasios Theologis, University of California, Berkeley

This course provides an intensive overview of current topics and
techniques in Arabidopsis biology, with an emphasis on molecular
genetics.  It also introduces approaches used in yeast that have
the potential to be utilized for the advancement of Arabidopsis
molecular genetics.  It is designed for scientists with experience
in molecular techniques who are working or wish to work with
Arabidopsis.  The course consists of a rigorous lecture series, a
hands-on laboratory and informal discussions.  Speakers will
provide both an in-depth discussion or their work and an overview
of their specialty.  Speakers include:  Frederick Ausubel,
Development of Model Pathogenesis Systems in Arabidopsis; Tony
Cashmore, The Blue Light Photoreceptor in Arabidopsis; Joanne
Chory, Molecular and Genetic Analysis of Light-Regulated
Development; Gloria Coruzzi, Molecular Genetics of Nitrogen
Assimilation into Amino Acids in Arabidopsis; Nigel Crawford, The
Nitrate Assimilation Pathway: The First Steps in the Acquisition of
N2 from the Environment; Gary Drews, Applications of in situ
Hybridization; Joe Ecker, Physical Mapping of the Arabidopsis
Genome; Pamela Green, Control of mRNA Stability in Plants; Gerry
Fink, Molecular Genetics of Growth Regulation; David Marks,
Trichome Development in Arabidopsis as a Model System to Study Cell
Fate and Differentiation; David Meinke, Genetic Dissection of
Embryogenesis in Arabidopsis; June Nasrallah, Pollination Responses
in Crucifers; Neil Olzewski, Molecular Genetic Approaches to
Understanding Gibberellin Signal Transduction; Daphne Preuss, Cell-
Cell Communication during Arabidopsis Fertilization; Ian Sussex,
Organization and Function of Apical Meristems; Abby Telfer, Genetic
Regulation of Plant Morphogenesis; Athanasios Theologis, Early
Events in Plant Hormone Action; Richard Vierstra, Organization,
Function, and Expression of the Ubiquitin Proteolytic Pathway in
Arabidopsis; Detlef Weigel, Genetic Hierarchy Controlling Flower
Development in Arabidopsis; and Patricia Zambryski, Biology of

The laboratory sessions will cover:  Arabidopsis genetics and
development; transient gene expression assays in protoplasts;
complementation of yeast mutants for cloning Arabidopsis genes; two
hybrid system in yeast; transformation by Agrobacterium; in situ
detection of RNA; protein import into chloroplasts; biochemical
analysis of transcription factors; pulsed-field gel electrophoresis
and analysis of yeast artificial chromosomes containing the
Arabidopsis genome.

Contact any of the 3 organizers for further details.

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