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AIMS photo information

Randall L Scholl rscholl at magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu
Fri Feb 26 22:36:38 EST 1993



The ABRC stocks which can be visualized through AIMS by
workstation users who have set up the mouse/graphics version of
AIMS are listed below.  You may also search for these stocks in
AIMS from the *Find Seed Stock* window by entering %photo% in the
phenotype field. (Consult message 926 for other details.)

     STOCK               DESCRIPTION
     CS-20          Landsberg erecta
     CS-62          gibberellin defecient
     CS-907         Columbia
     CS-3078        ch1, er, gl1, cer2, tt3 marker
     CS-3079        er, bp, ttg, yi marker
     CS-3106        gibberellin defecient
     CS-3107        gibberellin deficient
     CS-3109        Ber ecotype
     CS-3117        asymmetrica
     CS-3118        asymmetrica
     CS-3119        chlorina
     CS-3120        chlorina
     CS-3123        late flowering (gi1-2)
     CS-3125        glabrous
     CS-3126        glabrous (gl1-1)
     CS-3127        luminadependans
     CS-3128        transparent testa
     CS-3129        transparent testa
     CS-3130        transparent testa
     CS-3133        xantha-viridis
     CS-3134        eceriferum, erecta
     CS-3135        constans, erecta
     CS-3136        erecta, reticulata, constans
     CS-3137        glabrous (gl1-1), angustifolia
     CS-3138        glabrous (gl1-1), serrated
     CS-3141        glabrous, virescent, erecta
     CS-3142        reticulate, glabrous
     CS-3144        xantha-viridis, angustifolia
     CS-3145        yellow heart
     CS-3148        yellow heart
     CS-3151        yellow-green, polyploid
     CS-3154        variegated
     CS-3156        yellowish plants/reticulated leaves
     CS-3157        variegated
     CS-3158        brachytic
     CS-3159        multiple fruits
     CS-3160        short trichomes, short plants
     CS-3161        fruits oriented downward
     CS-3167        green-yellow
     CS-3168        reticulate leaves, green-yellow
     CS-3170        pale
     CS-3174        trisomic 5

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