Need current reviews...

Michael Liptack liptack at
Wed Jan 27 08:42:19 EST 1993

	I m a new participant in this newsgroup and I am looking for
some good review articles/papers on Arabidopsis genome sequencing so
that I can better understand the discussions.  Does anyone have any
suggestions??  Is there an Arabidopsis FAQ, and if so where can I get
it?  Sorry for the generality of this request and I apoligize if I'm
rehashing over past questions.  Please resppond to me directly if you
think it's appropriate at: liptack at       Thank You.
					Michael Liptack
					Dept. of Biol. Sci.
					Simon Fraser Univ.
					Burnaby, B.C. V5A 1S6
					liptack at

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