How to get old posting (Re: Plasmid Isolation

Xiaoying Lin xlin at
Wed Jun 2 11:46:53 EST 1993

In article <9306020037.AA23744 at> mgkjones at CSUVAX1.MURDOCH.EDU.AU (Mike Jones) writes:
>Any chance of repeating the protocol for isolation of plasmid
>DNA from Agrobacterium tumefaciens using Promega Magic Prep?
>It was on the network yesterday and gone today!

To get old posting on bionet, you can do wais or gopher serach.

For wais, telnet
	login as "wais" (usrname)
	and follow the guide, select biosci or arabidopsis and search for argrobacterium or Ti-plasmid.

For gopher, if you have the program, gopher
			go to folder: Genbank.... and other databases
			search AAtDB. 

This will only search the articles from arabidopsis newsgroup, I do not know if one can search the whole bionet in gopher.

Hope this can help.
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