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"C." Tonelli Dip. Genetica tonelli at
Sun Jun 13 08:45:12 EST 1993

Hi, dear netters, 
I am working in the field of plant-microbe interaction and I am presently
testing the effect of pathogen attack on the expression of defense genes
in grape. I am experiencing a lot of troubles trying to extract RNA from
grape tissues (both etiolated seedlings and leaf) in an appreciable amount
(and quality!). The major problem is to get rid of the contaminating
polysaccharides and phenolic compounds which are abundant in grape and
interfere whith the purification and extraction of RNA.
I have read a paper from Kenneth Manning (Analytical Biochemistry, 1991) 
describing a method to extract
nucleic acids from recalcitrant species and would like to know whether it
has been adopted successfully also with grape.
Can anybody help me? I would appreciate any answer or suggestion or, better,
a working protocol!

(A Fax number or e-mail address of dr. Manning would also help).

Thank you very much in advance,

                                        Filippo Geuna
                                        Dept. of Genetics
                                        University of Milano (Italy)
                                        e-mail: geuna at

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