Transgenic Donations

Tue Jun 22 09:52:40 EST 1993

                      Transgenic Donations
Dear Arabanet Users,

    We are looking for GUS transformants of Arabidopsis to use in a teaching
program for middle school girls to be given this November at Cornell.  The
program, Expanding Your Horizons, is directed toward young women to give them a
hands-on experience in science and encourage them to take science and math
courses while still in high school.
    We are particulary interested in Arabidopsis transgenics with highly
expressed tissue/organ-specific or stress-induced GUS expression.  Our current
thoughts are that we would like to show the girls how genes are differentially
expressed in cells that are genetically the same.  We would also appreciate any
ideas you may have about conducting such a hands-on class with young people. 
The program format only allows one hour of activity per group of 10 to 18
girls, during which we were hoping to do GUS-staining with discussion during
slow steps in the procedure.
    If you have a transgenic that you think would be appropriate and are
willing to donate, or have ideas to share, please drop us a line.


Patricia L. Conklin and Laurie G. Landry

Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research     
Cornell University
Tower Road
Ithaca, New York 14853

Phone: (607) 254-1234
Fax: (607) 254-1242

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