CAPS Primers

Joe Ecker jecker at ATGENOME.BIO.UPENN.EDU
Thu Jun 24 13:43:20 EST 1993

Dear Colleagues,

The Ausubel lab (Konieczny, A. and Ausubel, F.M. 1993 Plant Journal, in press)
has  designed a set (18 primer pairs) of PCR mapping markers (CAPS) for
Arabidopsis.  For further info about CAPS contact the Ausubel lab.

Research Genetics Inc. has synthesized all 18 primer pairs for us and the 
Arabidopsis Community. The "MapPairs" are supplied at 20 uM in
1xTE, pH 8.0 (200ul).

The pricing is: 

$20 each pair for the first 25 pairs,
$15 each pair for the next 25 pairs,
$12 each for all additional pairs.

Research Genetics Inc.
2130 Memorial Parkway SW
Huntsville, AL  35801
USA and Canada 1-800-533-4363
UK 0-800-89-1393
Fax 205-536-9016

"MapPairs" for all of our microsatellite markers (Bell, C and Ecker, J.R.
 in preparation) will also be available in the near future from
 Research Genetics for the same  price.

We are in no way connected with Research Genetics Inc.  

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