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Sam Beale ME599017 at BROWNVM.BROWN.EDU
Mon Mar 8 13:57:34 EST 1993

Dear ARAB-GENtlefolks,
  I am trying to locate a database of chloroplast transit peptide sequences.
A database named CHLPEP was described in a paper by Gunnar von Heijne et al.,
Plant Mol. Biol. Reporter 9(2) 104-126, 1991.  However, a database by that name
does not appear to be in the EMBL fileserver as described in the article, nor ca
n I reach Gunnar at the address given in the article (Gunnar at CBTS.SUNET.SE).
Any help in locating this database or any other similar transit peptide
database will be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks, Sam Beale

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