Special Journal Issue

Thu Mar 11 22:45:00 EST 1993

Fellow Plant Biologists:

Seminars in Developmental Biology is a review journal
published by Saunders Scientific Publications/Academic
Press.  The most recent issue of this journal (Volume
4-1; February 1993) is devoted to plant developmental
genetics.  Included in this issue are reviews written
by members of the following laboratories: Ecker, Chory,
Schiefelbein, Meinke, Hake, Meyerowitz, Poethig, Irish,
and Matzke.  All reviews were written to be understood
by graduate students and advanced undergraduates.  As
guest editor of this issue, I encourage you to find a
copy of this journal and make the reviews available to
students in your courses and research laboratories.

Regards -

David Meinke

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