Transposon tagging workshop

Nina Fedoroff fedoroff at MAIL1.CIWEMB.EDU
Wed Mar 31 11:15:10 EST 1993

  REGARDING              Transposon tagging workshop#000#
Dear Netters,

We're planning to hold a transposon tagging workshop during the Arabidopsis
meeting at Ohio State (19-22 August).  The objective is not only to exchange
information, but to try to encourage and coordinate the derivation, collection
and distribution of lines with newly transposed elements, even though they
might not have an obvious morphological phenotype (one person's wildtype is
another person's mutant).  The workshop is tentatively scheduled for Thursday
afternoon, just before the meeting begins.

All interested individuals should start by sending me a direct e-mail message
(fedoroff at or fax (410-243-6311).

Nina Fedoroff
Carnegie Institution of Washington
Department of Embryology
115 West University Parkway
Baltimore, Maryland 21210 

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