ABRC stock and AIMS updates

Randall L Scholl rscholl at magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu
Fri May 7 10:49:40 EST 1993


     We have acquired seeds of the ecotype Nossen (No) from Dr.
Keith Davis, and it is ready for immediate distribution. This
stock has been shown to be very useful for Agrobacterium
transformation due to its high rate of regeneration.  It was
originally obtained from Dr. A. R. Kranz (No-0) but was propagated
several generations independently.  To order No, use stock number
CS3081.  We will also have more ecotypes, mutants, cloned genes
and cDNA libraries available soon. Announcements will be made on
this network when these are ready for distribution.

     Much new data has been added to AIMS.  The additions are as

1.The number references has been increased to over 4000.  We
feel that the reference holdings of AIMS for the last five
years as well as prior to 1975 are fairly complete.  We are
working to fill in the remainder.  Continuous updating of
references has been instituted, so that AIMS will be as
current as possible.

2.The stocks of the Nottingham Arabidopsis Stock Centre, not
currently held by ABRC, have been added to AIMS so that all
stocks of the current NASC Seed List are now included. Ordering
information for the stocks of the Nottingham Centre and ABRC
can be obtained from AIMS.

3.A number of new photographs of seed stocks have been added. 
There currently approximately 75 stocks with color images.  In
addition, many of the stocks currently being processed have
been photographed, so that their images will be ready for
inclusion in AIMS when the stocks become available.(A search
with %photo% typed in the phenotype field may be executed
to find stocks having images.)  

4.The quality of the scanned plant images has been improved
substantially.  This is especially evident when the images are
viewed on microcomputers.  The quality of the images on
Macintoshes, equipped with standard color monitors, now
approaches that for standard workstations.  

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