Interaction Trap

Sat May 8 15:05:45 EST 1993

Dear All:
    We have been using the Interaction Trap developed by Roger's group 
here at MGH to look for partner(s) of our gene AKR for some time now.  The 
feeling I have is that this system is extremely sensitive, so that you 
have to sort out hundreds, perhaps thousands putative clones.  It seems 
that many proteins from Arabidopsis can interact with LexA, instead of the 
protein of your interest.  In fact we have characterized one of them 
extensively, and this piece of work is being prepared for publication.  We 
are still working on what we originally set out to do, that is to isolate 
the partner(s) of our gene AKR.
    I am using the library constructed by others, I do not have my own!  I 
suggest that if the interests are high in using this system, then we 
should contact a company, say Stratagene, to see if they are interested in 
commercializing it.  The key to this system is to have a good library, but 
making a good library is costly and time-consuming.  Even when you have 
made a library, it is not like a lambda library which let you have the 
abundance to share with everyone, only those early "requesters", before it 
runs out.  If no company is willing to do it, then we have to do it 
ourselves.  If anyone has a library (good or bad) and is willing to share 
with others, put my name on your mailing list.  I plan to make one in the 
near future, and we will be happy to share it with anyone who requests, 
when it is made.
Hong Zhang
Department of Molecular Biology
Massachusetts General Hospital
Boston, MA 02114
Phone: 617-726-5938
Fax:   617-726-6893

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