clarification of JCW's statment on my positon

Sun May 9 16:50:52 EST 1993

Dear netter:
I would like to clearfy a couple of misunderstandings on JC Walker's e-mail 
which was appeared on May 8, 1993 regarding to the two hybrid system.
He mistakenly stated followings: "I contacted Ihwang and that he is not    
willing to share his library at the present time--- JCW"
This is not true at all.  I told him that I am willing to share my library 
with him and asked him to write to my boss since I am a postdoc. And then I 
asked him whether he can wait a couple of months.... But he misunderstood 
what I was going to say to him. Acutally he cut off me and said to me he 
needs library now and he is making one now.  So I told him that then make   
your own.  The reason why I said to him "if you can wait a couple of  
months...." was that I have very little library DNA (which I saved for my 
other experiments, not the two-hybrid system) now so I have to make it again.  
Already I gave most of my library DNA to my former lab members and others as 
well as people in the lab. Usually I gave other people enough DNA (almost 1 mg  
of DNA to each of them) so they can do their experiments without amplifying  
the library. The plasmid library is not easy to maintain and reamplify without 
uneven representation (at least to my opinion). Also I have not characteized 
the library yet and I don't know whether any other people who got my library 
used (except one person in our lab did not get anything). I have not done  
anything with this library except that I tried few times 
to test this system in plant last summer. Also at this moment I am not doing  
anything with this two-hybrid system at all. Since I am going to leave this  
lab pretty soon, I am extreamly busy here to pack my stuffs and at the same  
time I am trying to finish up my experiments and manuscripts and to make   
proposal for the new job. So it is almost impossible for me to go back and  
regrow E. coli to prepare library DNA for other people right now.  That's why 
I said to him that if you can wait a couple of months...."
Unfortunately without listening to me and without knowing my situation, making  
such a false statement to the network made me quite unhappy.  That's why I am 
trying to explain my situation to the network.

Another one was that I am trying to clone genes interacting with Hong Ma's 
GPA1 gene product.  The truth is that I just used the GPA1 clone to test 
the system since I thoght that the GPA1 may interact with other proteins 
and I happened to have that gene in my hand.
I am not personally intereting with the GPA1 gene and its interacting 
proteins at this moment and I am not doing anything with it now. 
                                   Sincerely yours,     Inhwan Hwang.

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